Jervis Bay, Booderee National Park

The city of Jervis Bay (pronounced Jarvis) and Boderee National Park are located about 200 km (120 miles) south of Sydney. The small area officially belongs to ACT (Australian Capital Territory) despite being separated from the main piece of ACT by more than 100km of NSW (New South Wales). This is a popular tourist spot that still has quite a few rarely visited wild stretches.

Cave Beach [location]

Cave Beach Panorama

Cave entrance (right)from Cave Beach

Cave on Cave Beach
Cave Beach Camping

Cave Beach camping site [location]

Cave Beach panorama from the camping lookout

Cave Beach Panorama

Kangaroos near the camping



Laughing Kookaburra

Sign at Steamers Beach parking: you are not supposed to ride a bike, but falling from a cliff is ok.

Steamers Beach Sign
Steamers Beach Waterhole

Waterhole near Steamers Beach [location]

Steamers Beach behind the bush [location]

Steamers Beach

Dry landscape between Brooks Rock and Black Rock

Dry Landscape
Brooks Lookout

View from Brooks Lookout [location]

View from St Georges Head

St Georges Head

Kittys point [location] from St Georges Head

Kittys Point
Blacks Waterhole

Blacks Waterhole [location]

MEGHAVEN back at the parking

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