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MIT Media Lab MAS714 1998

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Left to right: Kimiko Ryokai, Stefan Marti, Jofish Kaye, Michelle Hlubinka, Adriana Vivacqua, Vadim Gerasimov

Cube1.jpg (35578 bytes) We made a puzzle box. The box has a secret chamber deep inside where the birdmobile shown on this picture is hidden. To reveal the secret inside the box magic passes have to be performed. Step one is to open the outer shell of the box. There is a hint on the front panel that suggests to touch the box in two places with both hands three times.
Step two is to open the curtain. The hints are crossed over light bulb and a teddy bear image with "5 2nds" sign. The curtain will open only if the someone holds a small teddy bear from the box for exactly 5 seconds when the lights are off. Cube2.jpg (29559 bytes)
Cube4.jpg (28166 bytes) Step three is to make the yellow box to lift up revealing the secret. The last hint shows the pattern that helps to find how to push two colored buttons to activate the mechanism.
As soon as the buttons are pushed and released in correct pattern the box plays an exciting tune, lifts up the yellow box, and the birdmobile flies down the red ramp. Cube3.jpg (28140 bytes)

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