Tetris on the Green Building (MIT)
by Vadim Gerasimov & Pascal Chesnais

Use left, right, and up arrows and space bar to play...


In 1995 my friends (Pascal Chesnais and others) proposed to use the Green Building at MIT as a screen for playing Tetris. The building dimensions 9x16 windows seemed good enough for the game. A payphone on the opposite side of the Charles river was an ideal spot for controlling and observing the game. Unfortunately we did not have enough momentum to realize this idea. But we built a software prototype that you can see here. It was initially written in C and later converted to Java. In 1995 we also discovered a web page claiming that a university in Europe made a building version of Tetris. In 2000 a group of students at Brown University in Providence, RI, USA created a real 10-story-tall version of Tetris displayed on the Sciences Library.

Although we never managed to put Tetris on the real Green Building, our game prototype helped to pick windows for the MIT Oscar hack.