Hoarder aka Swiss Army Knife (SAK) board

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The purpose of the board is to collect and preprocess sensor data. The board can be configured and programmed for a wide range of data acquisition tasks. For example, it can record sound with a microphone add-on board or measure EKG, breathing, and skin conductivity with a biometric daughter board. The board can use a CompactFlash device to store sensor information, a two-way radio modem or a serial port to communicate to a computer in real time, and a MITHRIL port to work in a wearable computer network. It can also work as a wireless sensor network (WSN) device.

The board was designed as a part of the Every Sign of Life project.

This is completely open design. Follow the links to get production information about the board (including schematics, board layout, bill of materials as well as some basic software). As of 2006 the board is somewhat outdated, but you can freely explore how it is put together and make you own designs based on it.

Board layout -- FRONT
Board layout -- BACK
Daughter board header
Serial port
BiM2 to PC adapter
Bill of Materials
Production Files (Gerber, NC Drills, etc)
Biometric Daughter Board

Hoarder board features